Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spiny Oyster Shell

Deep purple Spiny Oyster Shell
Spiny Oyster Shell, also known as Spondylus Brodnip Princess, can be found in Baja, California and Mexico. The name Spondylus is a Latin word that means "spines on back." Brodnip was the name of the scientist who traveled with the explorer Cortez when they explored Baja, California. The name Princess was given to the shell when Cortez presented his marine discoveries to the King of Spain. The king's daughter loved the shell; thus, it was named after her.

This stone began to be exported for jewelry making in the Southwest in 1976 before Coral became available.  Spiny Oyster Shell comes in 3 main colors: red, orange, and purple. Sometimes you can also find it in white and yellow, but this is more rare.

Spiny Oyster Shell is said to carry the gentle, peaceful healing energy of the sea. It relaxes and soothes emotions, sensitivities, and stress.

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