Friday, July 15, 2011

Navajo Horse Hair Pottery

Our Horse Hair Pottery has been handcrafted by Navajo artists.  Each piece reflects the careful, precise work of our artists. To create each beautiful piece, "slip "(liquid form of clay) is poured into the mold.  After allowing time to harden, the artist removes the damp clay (which is now no longer in liquid form) from the mold.  Before baking the clay in the kiln, the artist makes it nice and smooth.  Upon removing the piece from the kiln, the artist immediately begins to apply horse hair.  The fine lines are created with the hair form the main of the horse while the thick lines are created from the hair of the tail. Once all of the horse hair is applied, the artist allows the piece to cool.  After cooling, the artist hand etches each piece.  If stones or turquoise are used to decorate the pottery, those are applied at this time.  Finally, the piece is varnished in order to protect it.  Every piece of horse hair pottery is original and made in New Mexico. 

The bottom of each piece of Horse Hair pottery has been signed or etched by the Navajo artist responsible for creating it.  To view photos of our artists creating this pottery, or to shop our selection, visit us online at