Monday, August 15, 2011

Handmade Inlay Jewelry

Our Inlay Jewelry is handmade by Native Americans in Northern New Mexico.  I have to say, there is no other jewelry quite like this!  You have to know how it is made to really appreciate each unique piece.

First, the silver molds are created from wax moldings.  Then, the artists melt the silver to pour on to these wax moldings. After the silver has been hardened, it is linked by a silversmith.  Next, each stone is shaved down by hand to fit perfectly in the silver moldings (as seen in the picture to the left).  Each color you see is a different stone, and these stones come from all over the world- Brazil, India, Afghanistan, China, and even right here in the United States.  Finally, the inlay piece is polished and is ready for you to wear!  Every inlay piece you will find in any of our stores has been diligently and tirelessly handmade, using exact precision.  When you purchase one of these inlay pieces, know that no one else will have an inlay piece like yours, for no two are alike.  Each piece truly is a work of art!

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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Thing???

As we gear up for that last road trip before the school year begins, why not make The Thing??? one of your stops!  It is such a popular tourist destination that it fell on the list of "The Official Best of for Arizona 2011!"  The Thing??? is located on Interstate 10 (Exit 322), about 17 miles east of Benson and approximately 40 miles east of Tucson, AZ. Not only do we carry handcrafted Native American Jewelry, authentic Navajo pottery, and many other souvenir items, but we also have a museum attached.  Inside this "spooky" museum, we have what we call...The Thing??? It is the mystery of the have to see it for yourself to believe it!

Once you are through the museum, you may be a little frazzled...and maybe even a little thirsty.  Go ahead and hop on over to our Dairy Queen location that is attached to our store! There, you can sip on an ice cold soda, or even treat yourself to one of our famous DQ Blizzards.

Why not make The Thing??? one of your next stops along I-10? We promise, you won't be disappointed! Happy traveling!