Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rattlesnake Beer Mug

Our company is notorious for carrying unique, one of a kind items.  For years we have sold the coiled rattlesnake beer mug featured at the right, but it wasn't until just recently that they became extremely popular!  An actress bought this mug-the same one we have been selling for years-for night time talk show host Craig Ferguson.  Since that episode aired, we have been selling these mugs at an unbelievable rate! 

Our mugs are different from others in the sense that our coiled rattlesnake mugs are hand painted...created by artist Jack Graham.  Upon the purchase of one of these coiled rattlesnake mugs, you will find Graham's name signed on the bottom!  Why not go to and purchase one of these unique, nationally televised coiled rattlesnake mugs for Christmas!  It is sure to be the hit in any home or office!

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